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On Courage

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The opening stanza of Oscar_Locke’s poem “on courage, on stonewall.” reads:
they fought with fists and high heels, 
makeup stained beards; 
the slurry of shame, 
no longer flooding their hearts. 

In the poem that follows, Oscar pays tribute to the Stonewall riots of 1969 that ushered in the LGBTQ rights movement. In essence, this moment made history because people diverged from the norm, with pride.
Dear writers, in honor of Pride Month, explore—in poem form—a facet of your identity that diverges from what has historically been considered the norms of your culture. Alternatively, write a poem that celebrates other people who have proudly diverged from cultural conventions. Perhaps you’ll write about sexual orientation or gender identity, or about another element of self and identity.
As Oscar reminds us, there is a beautiful power in divergence. “on courage, on stonewall.” ends with these five lines:

taking down the walls, 
a brick at a time, 
breaking bones; 
a thousand colors on our soul. 

we light up the dark. 

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