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For the Future

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Imagine that you had the ability to write to someone 100 years into the future. What would you tell your great-great-granddaughter? Or the president or prime minister of your country in 2118? What would you want them to know about your life now? What would you want them to take into account as they make decisions large and small?

Write a letter to your chosen recipient 100 years into the future, as Vanilla and booksandcoffee do in these memorable messages. You might include details about your daily life, capturing a slice of reality as we know it. Or perhaps you'll include something you would like to preserve after you have left this world—anything from a family story to a description of your earliest memory, to your hopes for the planet. What ideas, beliefs or values do you hope a future generation will be able to hold onto and carry forth?

In addition to publishing this letter on Write the World, you might like to save a copy, seal it in an envelope and keep it somewhere safe... for the future.