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Hello! I am Dhanyata. I'm homeschooled. I would love to become a writer. This is my first time joining in something like Write the World. I hope to showcase and improve my writing skills here. I have written Fan Fiction stories, and a few other general stories before. I always love to read what other aspiring writers write, and if possible, I like to share my opinion on what I read. I request everyone to read and review what I write, as I regard feedback an important thing in developing, and also wish to know what others think of my writing. I also like experimenting with new ideas, genres, themes, etc, and I do my best to create innovative things. Hope you enjoy my humble work. Thank you, everyone!!!

Beware of Danger!

November 25, 2021


Idea: October Grab Bag
Write... about what kind of a person strangers would think you are if they only saw your room, by mirkat.
Anyone who opens my bedroom door, will realise at once that I am an avid reader of any book. There's the boxset of Harry Potter books, all, however, thrown out of their box and strewn on the bed, and the nearby chair is filled with various books, so much that there isn't enough space to sit, and in the shelf, are stuffed colourful issues, digests and Specials of Tinkle! But till now, nobody has actually dared to open my bedroom door... wait! There goes my cousin, he's put his hand on the door knob!!! I'd better go and warn him about the dangers inside! He'd better be careful of opening Harry Potter, for if he does, the witches and wizards will be hovering over the pages, playing Quidditch, and even though the bludgers are quite small before my cousin, he may get hurt! He has to be vary of going near Famous Five, for he's a stranger to the books, and Timmy may come for him! It'll be best if he stays away from Alice in Wonderland, because if he spots the hole and goes down it, Mamma will send me to get him back! And what if he wanders near the Tinkles? He may love them, and be stuck reading them forever, and I won't get my books back! He's opening the door - I have to hurry!
This piece is absolutely fictitious, of course! And I am actually very careful while handling books. I have been wanting to write this for days, but didn't do so because some errors occurred when I started writing it.


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  • comeon123

    Thank you, Lara!

    about 1 year ago
  • Lara J.

    Funny, interesting and creative! Great job!

    about 1 year ago
  • comeon123

    Sorry, I had to delete the earlier version of the piece to correct it.

    about 1 year ago