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Tear this apart with all the critique you can muster, no worries I can take it.


August 8, 2022

    I've always had lint in my pocket. Short fibers of cloth or yarn, at least that's the Google definition of lint. When I was younger I used to think Shadows put the lint in my pocket. How else would it get there? But now I know Shadows don't just put lint in people's pockets. Shadows enjoy stuffing your ears with wax, putting sand in your eyes, and sticking dirt between your toes. I wish the Shadows liked me, then maybe, I wouldn't find lint in my pocket. Maybe the Shadows would be nice.
    Too bad it's only a wish.
The prompt was "A story in your pocket." right? Well when I looked in my pockets all I found was lint, so I decided to write about that. 


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