Lily Sheppard

United Kingdom

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I am a young a new writer, so constructive criticism would be nice x

Running from the past

August 8, 2022

"A fresh start, away from it all" I thought as I stepped off the plane and walked down the stairs, with new hope guiding me. Spain. A place where no one knew my name, my past. A fresh start. 

Getting out of the airport was faster than getting in. I raised my arm to call for a taxi, eventually one stopped at the side of the road and the man, with a friendly but familiar smile, asked "Dónde?"
"Seville, por favor."
Everything about this stranger seemed so, familiar. There was a name on a card. Juan. It was him. 


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  • Vibez

    This has left me very intrigued, leaving me wanting to know more. It's simple but effective so nice job fellow young writer!!!!

    2 months ago