I love writing,singing, dancing, acting. Not very fun but I can make people laugh around me.
Just recently discovered that I can write

I would love if others writers give me feedbacks and reviews

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You know you are doing great work by writing. It helps people really so just very good.

Smile while you still have teeth.

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This are some writer that I came across, they all are superb writers

And read the child by existing it is really nice

She said yes but how

August 8, 2022

I'm sitting here writing a latter to the girl I love because I'm too afraid to say that to her and I am sure she's straight and won't like me back but I can't control my feelings right? 

In the morning. 

Hey miya stop I shouted 

Hey Lia she said with her brightest smile which I fell in love with  

I just want to give this to you. You can read this whenever you want and answer me okay I asked 

She read that letter and looked at me and smiled and hugged me tight and said yes.



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