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The Library of Forgotten Souls

September 22, 2022

PROMPT: Tracy's Tiger

It’s always been there. At least, to her it has.
The Library of Forgotten Souls.
It could be a hallucination, she supposes, or a child’s daydream, resulting from an overactive imagination. But how can it be a hallucination when all she has to do is call it, and it’s there? Hallucinations don’t work like that. At least, she doesn’t think so.
She doesn’t know exactly when she first found the Library. A long time ago, when she was able to poke a straw through where baby teeth used to be. But it doesn’t really matter what age she was when she made her first Visit; what matters is what happened after.
She doesn’t know exactly how she first summoned the Library, either; she remembers sitting on the bank of the river, closing her eyes and trying to drown out the sounds coming from her parent’s bedroom, focusing on the current, the moon, the stars – and then opening her eyes to find herself sitting on white and gold tiles and surrounded by shelves, so many shelves, crammed with dusty volumes that had the strangest titles:
I only wished to say goodbye.
Sally, please forgive me, I never meant to hurt you-
Remember me, world. Please.
And so on. More questions, more names, more pleas for remembrance. She didn’t know what to make of it, not until she heard a wizened voice crackling behind her.
“It’s their last thoughts, my dear. Quite frightful, isn’t it?”
She had turned to locate the voice and found what looked like an old woman with white hair tied in a knot at the top of her head, but at the same time, looked, sounded, felt – different. There was something in the way moved, something laced in her words that made her feel different. Special.
She soon learned that this woman was Alara, the Librarian of the Forgotten Souls, and the books held the lives of all the Forgotten People. The ones who died alone. The ones that never got to say a proper goodbye. The lost ones, the masked ones, the broken ones. They were all there, trapped in the volumes, waiting to be set free.
It’s quite simple, really. Setting them free.
All you have to do is open them up and listen.
That first night, she learned about someone named Maven. That first night, the night she became the first human to ever cross the Library’s threshold, she found something she’d only dreamed of having;
A place to call home.
It’s been quite a while since that first night. She’s older now, fifteen and thirty-seven days older, to be exact. She visits the Library at least twice a week now; it’s hard for her to cope with the Outside World. Other humans stress her out. They’re too insensitive, too shallow; it hurts to remember that she was like them once. But not anymore.
No, she is the only one to be weighed down with the weight of a thousand secrets. She is the only one who has lived a thousand lives of pain, of war, of suffering. And she is perfectly fine being this way. She’d live her entire life in the Library, if she could, instead of alternating between the two worlds.
She is tired of existing with the other humans. They make her feel like she doesn’t belong. But to be fair, it is true. She doesn’t belong with them. That’s why the Library is there. So she can belong every once in a while.
She hasn’t been to the Library for three days, but it might as well be an eternity; she needs a break from humanity. Preferably right now.
So she closes her eyes and focuses on the stars, the moon, the sun; and she waits, waits for the feeling of being burned to ashes, waits for her feet to leave the disgustingly human sidewalk and come home to the white and golden tiles again.
Something bad is happening. She can feel it.
The Library. It smells wrong.
Now, the Library has a very specific scent. It smells of sorrow and tears and old books. But there’s something else that’s not supposed to be here… ignorance.
Why does it smell of ignorance? Ignorance isn’t right. Ignorance is… human.
She has to find Alara. There has to be a simple explanation for this. Maybe one of the books malfunctioned, if they can even do that. Or… god, why does it reek of ignorance?
Alara doesn’t know, either. “It can’t be you. You aren’t like the rest of them, dear. Good Lord, even if you were, you wouldn’t smell so strong.”
This revelation doesn’t make them feel any better.
They’re walking through the D section when she sees them.
A human. No… more than one. More than ten. Good Lord, how many of them are there? Why?
They are everywhere. All shapes and sizes and colors and in every age, except for children. They lay on the white and gold tiles in a daze, groggily lifting there heads to examine their surroundings. A few of them have gotten up and started shuffling around, touching the stories and rifling through them like they’re just paper. She feels her skin tingle at the sight of it; she looks down at her arm and sees her flesh blackening. Dying.
It’s happening to Alara, too. Her wrinkled face turns sorrowful as she watches the Library crumble; as the beautiful tiles – those beautiful white and gold tiles – turn black around them, she takes her hand and whispers;
“The magic is fading, my dear sister… only Librarians can cross the threshold. The Library can’t handle all of this… human.
Alara takes a book from the blackening shelves; holding it tightly, her eyes instruct her to do the same.
“Come, my sister. We must flee”
Ahhh the ending is so chaotic I know... a result of yet another feverish late night writing session. 


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