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I Hate Simon Peters

September 22, 2022

In a rush I simultaneously run my fingers through my hair, adjust the way I'm sitting to face the chair he will occupy, and repeat the list of things I hate about him in my head. I hate that I can never tell if he likes me back. Scratch that. Likes me. I hate him. I hate that his laugh is so contagious. I hate that he knows exactly how I'm feeling and what to say. And I especially hate how I never do.
"Hey," he says, sitting down next to me.
"Hi," I say. Super disinterested. Because I honestly, truly don't care how he feels about me.
"So yesterday my parents were asking me about the activity Saturday night," he laughs. "I mean, they didn't specifically ask what happened but I kind of freaked out, you know?"
"Because your dad's a cop?"
"Yeah. What did you do last night."
"Read." A romance. "Stayed up way later then I should." Because I got side-tracked scrolling through all of our messages and trying to read in-between the one word lines.
"Same! I started this new book called 'The Caster's Castle'."
"Good?" I already know the answer from his smile.
"So good! So it starts out with this guy-" he proceeds to tell me the premise of the book and I listen intent. But only because it sounds like a good book. The guy is so pretentious. But you have to admit, he's arrogant and hot.
"Hey guys!" Katelyn calls, making her way to the seat next to me.
"Katelyn!" He shouts. 
"I can't believe I made it. I totally slept through my alarm."
She makes a face at him before turning towards our teacher who is starting the lesson. "Stop distracting me."
I turn to face front but he nudges me. "Hey Clio," he whispers.
"Hey Simon," I whisper back.
"What're you doing this Friday?"
My heart leaps in my chest. "This Friday?"
"Nothing." That I couldn't cancel. Not that I would cancel. Unless something better comes up. "Why?"
"Well the dance is coming up." My heart skips another beat. "And I was going to ask Vanessa and I need your help making a Promposal."
My heart drops.
I'll have to talk to the doctor about that. Because there's no way he could have caused this.
None at all.
Absolutely not.
I didn't want him to ask me. Why would I? We're just friends. Not even that. 
Because I hate Simon Peters.
I am currently in the denial stage of a crush. Anybody else?


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