New Zealand


September 22, 2022


All he saw was panic. A frantic crowd of rushed people, stampeding towards him. He tried to look past them, tried to see the cause of this terror.
The herd finally reached him and he slammed on his breaks as a woman desperately slammed her hand against his car's window. Over, and over again she hit her fist against the glass screaming warnings to get out and run. That's when he saw it.
Shock, astonishment, and dread washed over him as he sat frozen. Before him, a 30ft reptillian man loomed over the retreating crowd.
He couldn't move, couldn't bring himself to even breath. It was a competition, between him and the monster, whoever blinked first lost. Slowly, as if there were lead flowing through his veins, he moved his foot to the right and pushed down.
The car was set into motion and everything seemed to speed up. His heart beat franically in his chest, trying to break through his rib cage. The people behind him parted as the car lurched backwards, some banging on the window and screaming to let them in. He didn't hear them, didn't see them, all he noticed was the darkening of his surroundings. He glanced up and felt everything diminish. Above him hung a green foot like shape, silhouetted by the blazing sun. Except it wasn't hanging, it was growing closer, and closer, and closer. CRUNCH.


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