thirteen-year-old dreamer


November 23, 2022


the fact that i'm doubting my own existence
is just proof that i exist,
but that only makes me want to doubt it more. 

time is not a circle,
it's a sphere,
and it's as temporary as a lightbulb,
except this one doesn't get replaced,
just erased,
and then what?

and ah, vision. i hate to think 
about vision. because
i see things, which means they "exist"
but they can without me seeing them,
my perception does not create them, 
or i can see what isn't there. 

the idea of light bending behind my eyes,
creating my entire fabricated reality
makes me feel like i'm walking around blind. 

my only connection to this existence is 
my questioning of it. 

information, that puzzles me too. 
one can just create an idea,
a concept,
and spread it around like butter,
words on their lips acting like truth

and maybe enough people will hear it and believe it
that it will be true. 
is this dimension just an imagined idea?
how much is inherently true
that was once a falsehood?

and as a writer, 
a spiller of words onto page,
i have, naturally, universes on my fingertips. 
is our universe on someone else's hands?
created, manufactured, made-up?
and what about their reality?
is existence just a paradox
of imagination?

i don't want my thoughts 
to dissolve into the earth
like rain. 
i feel like it's a little too early in life for me to be having an existential crisis, but here we are.  


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  • Windrunner

    I think about this a lot and apparently we're about the same age so...

    12 days ago
  • mnesic writer

    I think about this everyday XD

    13 days ago