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Out-of-date thinking

January 24, 2023


As you are a girl, you can't talk loudly.
As you are a girl, you can't laugh freely.
As you are a girl, you can't fight with anyone.
As you are a girl, you can't meet everyone.  

As you are a girl, always put smile on your face.
As you are a girl, always wear a veil over your face.
As you are a girl, always bear everything.
As you are a girl, always consider yourself as a servent.  

As you are a girl, you can't study higher.
As you are a girl, you can't be hyper.
As you are a girl, you can't play outside.
As you are a girl, you can't go on the ride.

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  • two_fifths_of_a_star (bird)

    re: thank you sm!! i love this poem and was thinking abt the concept the other day. even tho im nonbinary, im definitely more female presenting so most people just assume and assign me a bunch of stereotypes. but anyways i was thinking abt this when i was at work bc all my male coworker has to do is go "yo wassup what can i get you... alright see ya, have a good night" with a blank face for ppl to be like omg what a polite little man but i have to have a smile on my face at all times and engage in victorian era tea party convos for ppl to even acknowledge my existance lol

    9 days ago
  • O-Zen

    I hate the way that some people still consider women inferior. Nice piece btw

    11 days ago
  • Writersblock5000

    I hate the fact that some people (guys) believe that this is what girls should be doing. Thank you for bringing this into the light, for everyone that might not want to address it. Great piece.

    11 days ago
  • No Name Blue

    what is happening in Afghanistan right now.

    12 days ago
  • nervousbibliophile

    "As you are a girl, always bear everything"

    that one especially hit me hard. great piece :)

    12 days ago
  • marie_antoinette

    re: thank you!

    2 months ago
  • starry skies

    re: Thank you!

    2 months ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Re: Thank you!

    2 months ago
  • starling

    Re: Thank you! And this poem is so good, its so true

    2 months ago
  • Toasty Toast

    As you are a lady, you must always keep your eyes closed, hide behind the male, and agree without thought. I love how you covered all the areas, I support you, good job!

    2 months ago
  • Tatsuya_Rin

    While many writers try to avoid such political (or straight up wrong) topics, I am glad you made your opinions known and I completely support you girl !!! ;D

    2 months ago
  • Rain

    Out-of-date indeed... It always puts a wrinkle on my forehead when I think of just how utterly stupid women's unjust standards used to be (and in some cases, still are.)

    P.S As you can most likely tell, I am a feminist. :D

    2 months ago