thirteen-year-old dreamer

found family

November 24, 2022


two in the morning, the sky is dark
we ran down frosty hills with frozen feet
as bare as our souls
we watched the moon rise from the rusty wharf
we breathed it in with our laughter

just another school day, our eyes are red
we played tic-tac-toe on our hands
as inked as our futures
the four of us, sitting in a circle,
marveling at this quiet perfection.

alone in the city, not alone, but here
we ran around, enthralled by freedom
as sweet as your hearts
movie theatres, coffee shops, 
we're not city girls, just eleutheromaniacs. 

dancing in the kitchen, our cake supplies abandoned
spinning around and around like this audaciously tilted planet
as twisted as our fingers
we try not to slip on the floor-flour
we're on the ground, laughing, covered in white. 

lying in the middle of the road, our hearts not even pounding
four girls lined up on yellow lines, paint chips in our hair
as distorted as our illusions
we do handstands, cartwheels, we jump up and down
there's a sort of manic recklessness at three in the morning.

to some,
four is 
too many
not enough

to me, 
four is
sustainable, finally. 

friends who argue
argue because they have hunted out their own type
how could you not argue with yourself?

we do not argue
for we are as different as the seasons (four)
we complement each other as we compliment each other,
we are not the same. 
my platonic soulmates are everything. literally. three friends of mine, our group is four, we call every night, sleepover every weekend. it's honestly like the movies, and after having no friends for so long i'm scared it'll go away. 


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