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the fault,
dear brutus,
is not in our stars,
but in ourselves.

-w. shakespeare


November 24, 2022


for years, silence meant the quiet were given a voice and if you listened carefully enough you could find meaning beneath the ticking of the clock and the soft breathing of the air through the vents. those around you considered it a "waiting" and took a step away from you when you calmly explained that it wasn't a waiting so much as it was a different kind of spotlight. it took a special kind of person to listen to the silence. but you never came to understand what silence was, did you? because whenever the world paused to take a breath your mind jumped at the chance to be heard. mayhaps the sea took to a voice and declared that as the winter months came to stay, the people left the shores and the gulls flew to warmer skies, the waves remained to sing their tympanic melodies as from the depths burst forth the lulling tunes of the whales. you suppose that the "waiting" is representative of the artificiality of the people who tread lightly over the surface of the deep but you know in your heart that you and the waves and the whales are made of the same notes that compose the symphony of life.


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  • Solus

    I love this. Each sentence is something new but it all builds up to something beautiful

    12 days ago