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Invisible Walls

November 24, 2022

Crowded was the room, full and happy, and loud. Crowded with family and friends. Crowded with hopes and dreams. Crowded, so very crowded with joy, that the nerves everyone felt were ignored. Crowded was my mind with thoughts and worries and nerves that traveled down my brain to my stomach. 

Ignorance was protection, I knew. Ignorance was a shield, a wall, a roof over your head to keep the storms away. Ignorance was the way of doing things. Ignorance was their way of doing things. 

But you can't fake ignorance. But you only build a wall if you know something, something awful, is on the other side. But, if we are all so ignorant, so blissfully unaware, then why is everyone's smile an inch too big.
Why does every laugh sound so strained, too big, lasting too long. Why do we have nothing to say except talk of the weather and how nice a dress is. Why is the music so loud and decorations so overly bright. Why do people's lips tremble and there voices stop and pause. Why are we so crowded, yet so alone?

Crowded is the room, not with people, but with thoughts and worries and choked back tears. Crowded with thoughts that form walls. Crowded with walls made not because we don't know what's on the other side. Crowded with walls made because we fear it. 


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  • 8Ren<3

    OMG I LOVE THIS i just have a coment when you say: Why do people's lips tremble and there voices stop and pause.
    its actually their voices but i love how you writed this <3

    12 days ago