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what is your dream vacation

March 15, 2017


My dream vacation is going to Thailand.I want to go to Thailand on a service trip through Rustic Pathways. Thailand is known as the land of smiles and is a country that will immediately welcome and captivate you.  I want to go to Thailand because it is an enchanting place where I can learn a lot about the culture and have fun. The service trip that I want to go on is the Children’s Home and Elephant Sanctuary Project in Thailand. During this project you volunteer at the Rustic Pathways Children’s Home and learn at a progressive elephant facility.I love elephants as well as hanging out with children, so i think this particular trip would be perfect for me. I would spend my time having a great time doing things to help people and animals. Also, I want to experience a different culture and participate in the culture. Thailand would be a great way to receive community service hours. I would want to go on this trip with my sister, because we share the same interest in our love of helping people and elephants. I feel as though me and my sister would enjoy this trip and learn a lot. I want to explore Thailand because I have never seen any part of Asia, and would really want to. I want to experience a normal day in another continent. Living in another country for a little over 2 weeks really interest me. I really want to go to Thailand, and it is my dream vacation.


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