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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
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Sunny Side Up

December 6, 2022

Dear Chief Executive John Lee,

Picture this—it is evening, silvery and cool. All is quiet in the hospital—all but a young woman in deep green. Doctors stand nearby, murmuring tersely. The woman is getting warmer, they agree, but few believe her fever is severe enough to warrant worry. One points out that the rising of her temperature has slowed—like the rocking of a boat, another says. This must mean she is “cooling”. Others, however, are not convinced. They say a spike in her temperature could be fatal. This sparks conflict. Nobody is able to agree.

All the while, the woman watches in silence, growing warmer as they speak. She rubs her swollen belly 世界, whispering no, 不, the word a tree 木 with its head hacked off. Her heart aches at the thought; after all, these forests are her children—her saplings and seedlings—for she is Mother Nature.

It is no secret that mother nature has kept—and still keeps—us alive and safe. With the ongoing climate crisis, however, it has come our time to return the favor. From rising sea levels raising the risk of cataclysmic flooding to fluctuating weather patterns threatening human health and agriculture, the effects of climate change are universal in scope and nonpareil in scale. Millions already face its calamitous footprint, with repercussions echoing throughout every facet of our planet.
I remember August last year when my aunt shared a hospital room with Mother Nature. I was 13, drinking in the cloying scent of late summer—corn and pine and soft-boiled eggs, round with pregnancy. Warm air had lingered despite the changing seasons. Aunt’s belly grew, rising to roundness—I imagined the heat was baking her into a cake. That is, until environmental contaminants worked their way into her stomach, sucking out the golden yolk. “No raw eggs,” she whispered. “No baby cousin.”

Mother Nature, her belly ripe with Earth, is on the same path. This time, however, we won’t just lose a handful of trees 木 or a balloon of clear air 氣; this time, we’ll lose the world. 

So, please. As Hong Kong’s chief executive, you can inspire great action in the fight against climate change. Encourage citizens, highlight how we can all work toward positive change. Everyone—regardless of race, gender, or social status—must listen to one another, because our actions have the ability to build into global change.

Change that can save Mother Nature.




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  • Windrunner

    Wow. This is just amazing.

    about 2 months ago