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“False narratives are often the first shots of war,” writes Write the World Founder & CEO David Weinstein in a Letter from the Editor featured in our new issue of Write the World Review.

Write the World is proud to publish the original writings of teens impacted by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a special edition of our online journal. The four featured pieces explore first hand accounts of emigration and activism; they speak to the tumult of our times, the hope young people have for the future, and the power of writing as a way to bear witness in the face of great challenge and change.

In Write the World Review, discussion questions and writing prompts invite readers and writers to take the next step, channeling their reflections and observations into writing and research. From journalism to portraiture, opinion pieces to personal narratives, this group comprises those questions and creates a dedicated space for expression, exploration, and connection amid a changed world.

If you are a teacher using these materials in your classroom, we'd love to hear from you; reach out to Write the World's Education Program Manager, Brittany Collins, at to share your story.