Food Writing Competition 2023 - Preview

Creative Nonfiction — Sources of sustenance.

Food—and the way we grow, source, prepare, eat, and write about it—links us to our families, our histories, our culture, our health, our environment, and our bodies. Food also plays a vital role in tradition, ritual, and celebration. “To write well is a public service, and a chance to influence millions," wrote the food blogger Lisa Gosselin. "To write well about food, is a chance to influence millions in their daily choices: we all eat!"  Food writing can be an investigation, an exposé, an odyssey, a memoir. Perhaps you’ll write about the pleasures of your grandmother’s famous falafel or the plight of the next-door dairy farm. And remember, as the journalist and cookbook author Ramin Ganeshram puts it, “it’s not really about the food.” We hungrily await your entry. 

Competition Opens: Monday, May 1
Submit for Expert Review (**NOTE: cap of 50 submissions**): By Monday, May 8
Final Entries Due: Tuesday, May 16

Visit our Competitions Page beginning May 1 for more info on how to enter and writing guidelines.