Letter Writing Competition 2023 - Preview

CORRESPONDENCE — Words of thanks.

Today, in the digital age we live in, a physical letter is imbued with significance: it tells the recipient that the contents are to be held onto and cherished. Some would even say that messages sent through the mail are still the sturdiest form of record-keeping, bearing witness to a time and place, and documenting our thoughts and feelings at the most significant junctures of life. This month, help us celebrate this age-old form by writing a letter of thanks. Expressing gratitude via the written word fosters connection, preserves a sentiment, and makes us aware of how much we have to be thankful for. And guess what? Writing thank you notes is also good for your brain. A study in 2016 showed that after writing about gratitude, our brains are wired—even months later—to feel extra thankful! Your letter need not be in relation to gifts, or even addressed to someone you know. Perhaps you’ll write a thank you to someone you admire: a leader of the youth climate movement or the musician who inspired you to learn to play the guitar. Or perhaps the recipient is someone you know best: the dog who taught you about loyalty, a parent who taught you about courage, or a teacher who ignited your love for molecular biology. 

Competition Opens: Monday, June 5
Submit for Expert Review (**NOTE: cap of 50 submissions**): By Monday, June 12
Final Entries Due: Tuesday, June 20

Visit our Competitions Page beginning June 5 for more info on how to enter and writing guidelines.