Deepen Your Students’ Experience of Writing

Write the World is dedicated to helping you improve your students’ writing. As teachers ourselves, we know well the demands of integrating relevant, substantive writing projects into the classroom curriculum. With these challenges in mind, we’ve developed a suite of online tools, designed for students of varying skill levels. Our flexible, efficient writing system facilitates effective writing instruction for all academic subjects, as well as creative writing.

For Educators

Enrich your students’ understanding of content areas through writing:

  • Writing Groups: Form private or open-membership groups for classroom, school, or district writing communities. As the Group Manager, you can create prompts, rubrics, and resources for all types of writing and subject areas. In addition, you can design assignments and assessments, facilitate peer review, and measure your students’ growth through individual portfolios.

  • Prompt Library: Select from our extensive collection of academic and creative writing prompts and encourage students to try out an array of topics and styles—from op-eds to poems, from flash fiction to memoir, from five-paragraph essays to research papers. You can also create your own through our easy-to-use tools or import prompts from other sources.

  • Rubrics: Create your own rubric or apply one from our robust collection—designed for formative assessment and to promote deeper student reflection.

  • Expert Reviews: Enhance student understanding of qualitative feedback by utilizing rubrics to offer Expert Reviews. This high-level, structured feedback guides deeper student understanding of the writing process.

  • Peer Reviews: Encourage your students to use our Peer Review tool to exchange feedback with one another, as well as with student writers from all over the world. Teachers can create peer review questions and monitor the drafting process and the exchange of reviews.

  • Student Portfolios: Easily manage all your students’ writing projects in a single location. Portfolios allow your students to showcase their work, while you chart their progress along the way.

  • Assignments & Assessments: Create and manage assignments of all kinds, including daily exercises, formal assessments, and projects that support your curriculum goals, as well as State and Common Core writing standards and expectations.

  • Guest Judges: From Poet Laureates to The President’s speech writer—our monthly competitions are judged by renowned and respected writers from across the globe.

See Our Group Manager FAQs for more information and videos on how to use Write the World’s educator tools.

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For Students

Increase student engagement in the writing process:

  • Practice: Hone and practice writing skills in different forms and genres to sharpen higher-level thinking skills.

  • Expert Feedback: Receive rubric-based expert feedback to deepen writing skills and build confidence in the writing process.

  • Peer Feedback: Receive and share quality peer feedback to improve writing, develop voice, and experience writing as a social, collaborative activity.

  • Motivation and Skills: Build confidence by writing on a variety of interesting topics, in multiple forms and genres.

  • Writing Portfolio: Build and manage a personal writing portfolio.

  • Community: Engage with other young writers in class, school, or Write the World’s global community.

  • Critical Thinking: Enrich and deepen critical thinking skills through a regular writing practice.

For Any Class Model

An interactive writing process to meet your classroom goals:

  • Platform designed for personalized learning and differentiated instruction.

  • Flexible tools adaptable to mainstream classes and subgroups, as well as enrichment, gifted, remediation or after-school programs.

  • Easy-to-use technology available on all devices and platforms, allowing easy integration in mainstream, blended learning, and flipped classrooms models.

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“...When I discovered the Write the World web site it seemed too good to be true. It was so rewarding seeing the students get excited about other people, from other places, following them and commenting on their writing. This is exactly the kind of real world writing experiences that we want for our students....”

— Jodie Scales, High School English Teacher

Billie Fitzpatrick, Chief Learning Strategist for Write the World describes the many benefits of writing in an online community in Episode Seven of Turnitin’s “The Written Word.”