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Three Month Window

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Did you know that the best time to change a habit is during a period of upheaval? Consider big life changes like moving, switching schools, starting a new job or activity... or adjusting to life during a pandemic. That’s when our behaviors, which are usually regimented by the routines we fall into, are most malleable. 
But there’s a catch. Once we experience a big life change, we only have about three months to cement a new habit into place. Otherwise our old ways will take hold again. 

Environmental Psychologists from the University of Bath and Cardiff are thinking about this timeframe in the context of the UK lifting many of its lockdown restrictions. As the UK and other parts of the world with high vaccination rates return to a life that looks more like 2019, this monumental change is an opportunity, they say, to pick and choose our habits… and even carry some of our lock-down ways into a more open world. 

So, dear writers, here’s the question for you. Are there habits you have developed during the pandemic that you want to hold onto, even as restrictions are lifted, now or in the future? Perhaps, like the Environmental Psychologists from Bath and Cardiff, your focus might be on climate impact, and how our daily habits can contribute to lowering emissions. Or perhaps you’ll reflect on another element of pandemic living, such as time at home or with family, the hobby you took up this last year, or a newly gained appreciation or awareness.

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