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Race For The Kingdom (Part 2)

May 14, 2019


Someone must have announced that we would be coming downstairs because all of the commoners were lined up and bowed as we walked. We then met some people for about an hour and they commented how wonderful it was to have us here. They must have expected that something was up though since none of them were truly happy. I assumed that usually King Timmy was here during meet and greet.

I got to meet a few lucky kids as well, who seemed like they were more than happy to meet a noble’s daughter who might soon be their queen. I don’t think they knew that my dad was a noble though since they called me “princess” instead of “lady” but I didn’t mind.

Soon the common folk had to leave as the market was being cleaned up. Tristen and I then had a dinner with the King’s Governors, where we got to meet all ten of them. They let me sit at the head of the table with Tristen on my left and the head governor at my right.

They also announced my uncle’s death to be more than a rumor, even though I already knew it was. The rest of the dinner seemed to last forever, with the governor’s filling me in on details about how I may become queen soon.
“You probably know that you are next in line for the throne, my lady,” the head governor, Governor Phillip told me.
“Ah, yes, I do know,” I replied with a nod.

“If it is so that no one else has the chance to step in line to claim the throne, since we do give a month or else the royal rules would be sidestepped, then you will be able to become our queen.”
After this the governors filled me in on the process of which it takes to become a king or a queen in Markham and it took quite a while for them to finish. Finally, the dinner was over and we had to get into the royal carriage with the funeral carriage behind us to finalize King Nane the Third’s death.

We rode to Gerbith, which was also known as the King’s Town since it was closest to the castle. It also had the richest commoners and was full of people who stood in the streets and watched as we passed. They had looks of somber and mourning on their faces as they saw the funeral carriage passed, although they did seem to know why we were there.

After riding to the edge of Gerbith we finally returned back to the castle at a time when it was quite dark, and I retreated to my room to sleep. But even though my bed was warm and cozy I stayed awake.

I didn’t feel any mourning or sorrow for King Timmy’s death since it would just give me the crown. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to become the queen of my country though since it wouldn’t be an easy task. Finally, I gave up on sleep and walked upstairs to wear my closet was.

Something I forgot to add was that there was as balcony attached to the upstairs room and I went out onto it. It was quite big, probably stretching about ten feet long and eight feet wide. It wound around a quarter of my bedroom tower.
I was really right off the ground and could see all the way down into Gerbith. Since the castle sat on the hill I could even see beyond it. Most of what I could see though was darkness, although below me the castle was all lit up and people were outside doing nightly tasks.

A cool breeze came to me and ruffled my nightgown, and it felt nice although it made me shiver a little. Then I had an idea.
Being a Lord’s daughter I hadn’t had much fun in my life, because my dad raised me as though I would someday be the one holding the sky up. Be serious, the only joke and have fun when necessary.

So maybe I thought it was time to have a little bit of fun, especially if I would soon become queen.
I ran back into my room and changed into a riding outfit before running downstairs. When I wanted to I could be quite sneaky, and this was one of those times. I managed to get past all of the servants who crowded the hallways of the castle until I got outside.

For some reason, I was surprised when I found Jacob feeding my horse Mysteria. I probably shouldn’t have, but I was.
I greeted him and he asked why I wasn’t in bed, sleeping.

I sighed. “There isn’t much point in lying in bed awake if you know you won’t fall asleep,” I replied. It was a really stupid answer and I instantly regretted saying it to him but he just nodded. Of course, he wouldn’t question it since I was the one who paid him (or really Mistress Lainey, but same thing).

“Can you have Mysteria ready for a nighttime ride in ten minutes?” I asked him, breaking the silence. He nodded again and I started to wander the huge stables, looking at the hundreds of horses that belonged to some of the governor’s who lived in the castle as well as a few of the high ranked army officials.

In only a few minutes Jacob called to me and I saw that Mysteria was ready to ride. I smiled and thanked him, mounting her.
I rode around the castle, passing the guards, who didn’t question me. I guess that once someone gets onto the castle grounds it is assumed that they are there to do good and not bad since it was too dark for them to see who I was.

At one point I wandered down to the bottom the the hill the castle sat on, where the wall that protected it led into Gerbith. Part of me wanted to ride there but I knew that many people would disapprove and I was already getting tired. I ended up just riding back to the stables and dropping off Mysteria before going back to my room.

It must have been only a few hours before I was supposed to get up because when I when I went to change back into my nightgown I found Maria picking out my outfits for the day. She was a bit astonished to see me wearing riding clothes but quickly handed me my nightgown and led me to my bed. It wasn’t uncommon for servants to be up at these hours, but I wondered when she got to sleep.

When it was time for me to get up Maria had already left to do other tasks and had left out a nice pale pink dress for me to wear. I put it on and also found a matching bow to put in my hair. Right as I was about to leave my room I heard a knock on the door and opened it to find a servant there, waiting.

I invited her in and she told me that she was going to do my hair and I let her put it into a french braid and reattach the bow at the end. Then she left and I went downstairs to breakfast where Tristen was already waiting.


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