Cydney Brown

United States


April 12, 2022

Life is like a roundtrip
The people with privilege are the captains of the ship
They don’t wanna say that we’re sinking
Even though that’s what we’re all thinking
I can’t drown 
I can’t bring myself to die
Not when they think they have the power to make us cry 
They stare racism in the eye like it’s their friend
They’ll do anything to bend the rules for them
I wish that words could cure humanity
Maybe free us from insanity
Because these ships will keep on sinking
And those S.O.S. lights will keep on blinking
Unless we help 
Life is like a roundtrip
And I adore it
Life is like a warship
but we can restore it to its natural glory
This story gets gorier and gorier everyday
People think that sinking battleships is a game that we should play 
like starting wars is the answer
They spread hate like cancer 
They put prefixes on our right to be American
If we kneel during the national anthem they call us 
Like we have to stand for a country that puts our men 
on the concrete 
Cold feet 
Neck deep in brutality
In pain
They think they own the world because of white supremacy
They take us down so we don’t fight back the enemy
They want our culture
But mock our whole identity
If I fight for justice will it come in the next century?
We always stay divided 
It’s like we all decided equality wasn’t worth fighting for
This injustice disgusts me
It’s impossible to ignore


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