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I Love You, Though it May Seem I Don’t

June 23, 2022


You were like a childhood friend, 
we went way back.
Our stories and memories,
It’s happiness we didn’t lack.

Yet now, I look at you,
As I do, a stranger.
I feel the insides of me groan,
I can sense the danger.

It’s so different now with you,
I hate to think it’s true.
But each time I look at you,
The bright light now seems blue.
When I look in your eyes,
I sense the sadness deep within.
I’m so sorry I couldn’t be better,
I’ve caused the pain you are in.

When I see the younger you,
You never waisted a laugh.
But now I see you smiling,
I feel my heart tear apart.

You smile like you mean it,
You assure you are ok.
But there’s that little sadness,
That creeps in each day. 

I’m sorry i’ve been different,
I’m sorry I treat you this way.
I can’t even begin to forgive myself,
Could you love me anyway?
To all my family and friends: I LOVE YOU ALL!!
Jesus Loves You and I Do Too :)

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  • Madalina

    Re: yeah but I don’t know what to write

    3 months ago
  • Abelle17

    This is beautiful, Jesica.

    3 months ago
  • Tachi

    loving the rhymes in this!
    (I like any and all rhymes lol)

    3 months ago