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By: The Ravenclaw Dragon

    When you're trapped, aren't you supposed to feel alone?
    I felt the desolation.
    Aren't you supposed to feel fear?
    The steel walls sent shivers down my spine.
    Or fury?
    Flashbacks blurred my vision.
    Or sorrow?
    Memories of the past.
    Shouldn't you try to escape?
    My fist rested on the ground.
    Or scream?
    The only sound was my heartbeat.
    Shouldn't the darkness terrify you?
    Light seemed like a distant fairy tale.
    Aren't you supposed to feel... trapped?
    I reached above me, where the low ceiling hung.
    Then why does it feel so...
    In the darkness, I smiled.

97 words.

Message to Readers


Peer Review

This is incredibly relatable, it really shows that sometimes the dark holes we get sucked into can be comforting because it's what we're used to.

I love how well you show that just because everyone else might see something one way, or even maybe you see it that way, you can feel a completely different way about it. The way you wrote it really captures that.

There's no real wrong way, I can't critique this too much, it's like the writer's child. There's no wrong way to raise it. Everything you leave out or say relays the message you want it to. Keep it up :)

I love how chaotically beautiful this kind of out-of-the-ordinary comfort you show is.

Reviewer Comments

There's no real wrong way to write something, it's all just feelings and thoughts. You have a gift, you're able to show people a different view. great job :)