New Zealand


September 22, 2022


He stood amongst destruction. Battered cars were scattered around him, piled in heaps, smoke slowly rising from the occasional hood. He threw himself to the ground, narrowly missing the flaming tanker as it soared past his right. People had long since fled the battle ground, allowing Harry to fully focus on defeating his archenemy.
They stood in a standoff. Staring the other down as small fires blazed around them.
Harry was, at first glance, an unremarkable man. He appeared skinny and weak with a small but tall build. He was a polar opposite to his archenemy Drake, who was short and muscly. A sneer stretched across Drake's face seconds before the ground tore up beneath Harry's feet. He leaped into the air, simultaneously releasing a white bolt of energy in the mans direction. It sparked through the air before careening into the concrete mere inches from its target. Landing gracefully on the ground, pain erupted from his chest as he was forced to his knees. He stared at what had hit him and pushed the halved car to the side, taking a breath. Still on his knees he looked up quickly, locking eyes with Drake and glaring at him. The other man laughed, advancing forwards and gearing up for an attack. Harry got to his feet, planting them firmly and steeled himself for the villain's first move. His head snapped to the side as Drake's fist connected with his jaw, groaning as another punch landed in his stomach. Blood filled his mouth and he expelled it onto the ground beside him. Drake brought his fist up once again, he dodged, stepping to the left as the man lost his balance and stumbled past. He took the advantage and threw a bolt of lightning, this one met its mark. Blinding light flooded the space around them, and His arm flew to his eyes desperately trying to keep his sight.
The light cleared and he slowly removed his arm. In front of him Drake was no longer regaining his threatening stance, Instead he lay on the ground taking shallow breaths; the stench of burning flesh flooding Harry's nostrils. He felt relief set in, knowing the man would recover from his current state, but not in time to cause him trouble. Harry had won, and could finally sleep knowing his archenemy was behind bars.


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