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I don't really need feedback lol. Just a little assignment I did for my writing class.

Fork In the Road

September 22, 2022


    I’m sitting on a lumpy couch in a room lacking AC. I hop off the couch to go and complain to my mom about renting this cabin, but once I throw her door open she isn’t in there. I hear raggedy gasping on the left side of the bed. I walk around and look beside the king bed covered with plaid sheets. My dad is lying on the floor looking ill. “Dad?! What’s wrong?” I say panicked. My dad looks at me with his bloodshot and dilated eyes. 
    After a few moments of trying to talk, he eventually gets says. “Your mom. Save. Your. Mom”. His eyes fall shut. I quickly check his pulse and realize he’s gone. Save my mom? Where would she have gone? What happened here?
    After looking around the cabin, I grab my dad’s shotgun and head out. We rented a place in the middle of the woods, so the roads are just dirt paths. I start walking in the dark not knowing what I’m doing.     
    Eventually, I come up to a fork in the road. The left road is pitch black and ominous, and the right road is lit by a garden light. I go down the right path because I’m pretty sure I’ll be stabbed to death if I go down the other road. 
    As I’m walking up the left road I see a house. It looks even worse than the cabin I was staying in. The wood is rotting and the porch is wrapped in vines. Having nowhere else to go, I walk up the stairs careful not to cave into them. Then, I hear a scream… My mom’s scream.     
    Hearing this, I kick down the weak front door and then run into the house holding my gun at ready. I see my mother tied to a chair and a man with a plague mask on. Seeing me he grabs a knife and pushes it up to my mom’s throat. “Move and I’ll slice her throat!” He yells with a shaky voice, almost sounding scared.    
    “Drop your knife!” I yell because I know he won't hurt her.
    “No, I won’t! Drop your gun!” he yells back at me.
    “Drop the knife kid!”
    “Drop the gun and I may drop the knife.”
    “Fine! At the same time then!”
    “Fine then!” The boy starts to count down, “One… Two… Three!” 
    We both drop out weapons. I run over and push the guy to the side while grabbing the knife. I begin to cut the ropes that are restricting my mom to the chair. When she is untied she runs over to the gun and shoots the guy in the mask. “Mom! He didn’t do anything! Why did you shoot him?!” I say while covering my mouth in disgust. The gun had shot through the boy into the floor making the ground around it cave in. This revealed the basement. The basement was full of corpses.     “That’s why,” my mom said. “He was trying to seem like a scared kid, but that was just a ruse to get you to trust him. Come now, we gotta get moving in case this kid has friends”. My mom stands up and places her hand awkwardly on my shoulder. “They poisoned your father,” she said matter-of-factly “Was he alright?” I shake my head. “That’s a shame”.
    As we leave the building I notice my mom seems off. I look over at her and her eyes are lacking lashes, and she has abnormally thin lips. I look down at her hands and don’t have fingernails. This isn't my motherI don't know what this thing is. I think back to when the floor collapsed, my mother was in that basement.
    "Hey, mom. Nature's calling.” I say pointing my thumb towards a bush in the distance. “Could you wait here? I’ll be right back”.
    “Of course my daughter.” She says.
Once I get the chance I run and run and run, and eventually, I find someone who let's me catch a ride with them. I tell them to drive me to the airport, and from there I take off and leave the country because no way am I staying here.


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