wonder how a star shower would feel
and if i'd sleep through it

sep. 28 '22

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any feedback is welcome :)
also, if anyone has good sci-fi book recs, let me know!!

some words i could never write myself:

"still trying to advance, mighty sleepwalker of a vanished dream" —les mis, victor hugo

"oh life/ is just a dream/ no one ever tells you how to play" —survivors, passenger

"even when the sun goes down/ still know my world goes round" —bon iver, mxmtoon

"when the curtains close/ and all of the lights go down/ safe to say i'll stay/ i will always stick around" —between us, little mix

sun-bleached days

November 24, 2022


Curtains close on Tuesday,

and dusty dawns begin to line the velvet shadowing this hollow stage.

Showrooms close on Tuesday,
and evenings bruise curated rooms with stained glass fractures
till wood fades to dust

and plastic to white, fissures lining this sun-bleached hole.

Show's over; party's dead.


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  • November 24, 2022 - 8:29am (Now Viewing)

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