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Lovesick Puppy

January 24, 2023


Young soul, blue eyes.
I would pray to the moon,
And wonder if any of my wishes,

Would ever come true.

I dreamed of many things,
Mainly things that seemed bizarre and surreal.
One day I dreamed of a girl
As beautiful as an angel

And this was four years ago.

Two years later,
I saw you, sitting across the room.
Your sweet smile and dark eyes

Made me feel strange, almost brand new.

Oh, sweet summer angel
You cursed me with your siren song.
I perk up like a lovesick puppy,

Every time you cross the room.

It doesn't matter how much you change,
How much you feel or how much you know.
You'll always have a place in my heart

My eyes glaze over whenever I think of you.

Smiles and giggles
Are my only reactions around you,
I sigh around my friends when one of them

Mentions your name.

Your competent point of view,
Allows me to question who I want to be with.
But the answer is always the same:

I only want to be with you.
I thought of her over the holidays and saw her again today after six weeks. I felt the same rush of emotions I experienced the last time we talked. Oh man, I'm in deep.


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